Screenshot as a Service

Create website screenshots through a simple API. Try it. It's free!

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Our API is quite simple. You just send your API key and the URL of the website. Then we do some magic and send you a fresh screenshot back. No refresh tokens. No OAuth hassle.

Open Source

The whole platform is Open Source. You can checkout the source code on Github.

We currently write some docs, so you can easily boot up your own version of Screeenly.


Screeenly is free to use. If you like the project you can donate some money, so we can keep the servers up running.

BASE64 Encoded / Filepath

You receive your screenshot either as a file path or as base64 encoded string. Keep in mind, your generated screenshot will be deleted from our servers 1 hour after it's creation.

Multiple API Keys

You like your stuff organized? Create up to 25 personal API keys.

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