Why is screeenly.com sometimes down or otherwise not available?

screeenly is hosted on a relatively cheap server. Due to the fact that screeenly is a free service, a lot of people are using screeenly (which makes me very proud) and can sometimes lead to an increased load on our servers.

As screeenly is a free service and a side project of mine which doesn't generate any money for me, I can't upgrade the servers too much, as I would loose too much money.

If you want to support screeenly consider switching to a paid plan on our newest version, a Sponsorship on GitHub or buy me a coffee. All donations will help pay the server bills and allows me to invest more time into the service.

I have a problem. How can I reach you?

The best way is to send me an email at hello@stefanzweifel.io or @ me at @_stefanzweifel or @screeenly on Twitter.

Due to the fact that this is just a side project I can't guarantee an answer in the next 5 minutes (I usually answer in the next 24 hours)

Is this service free?

Yes, screeenly is a free service. No hidden fees.

What data is being stored when using the service?

Creating a new account (with email and password)

  • Your username
  • Your email address
  • Your password (salted and encrypted)

Creating a new account (through Github)

  • Your Github user ID
  • Your public Github email address

Using the API (Creating a Screenshot)

All logs created by using the API are automatically deleted after 60 minutes.

  • The ID of the API key used with the request
  • The path to the screenshot file created during the request

Can I delete my account?

You can delete your account in your settings. All assoicated logs and APIs are immediately deleted.

How long are screenshots stored on your server?

All screenshots created have a lifetime of up to 60 minutes. After 60 minutes the files and the corresponding logs are being deleted from the server.

Where is screeenly.com hosted?

The application is currently hosted on a Digital Ocean Droplet in the FRA1 region.

Why does this service exist?

I created screeenly because I wasn't happy with other screenshot solutions available on the web (too expensive, too slow, don't support webfonts).

Is screeenly Open Source?

Yes, screeenly is Open Source. You can find the Source Code on Github.

The app is written PHP and built with the Laravel Framework.